Is it real to find ...

Is it real to find true love?  


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My dear friend, it is perfectly normal to end a relationship and look for new ones. Even if the pause in romance is suspiciously prolonged, you should not panic and tear your hair in all intimate places. I want to dispel the hysteria a little and suggest how to find your love. First, let's decide on a place to meet. 1. On the street This option is pretty standard. Honestly, it used to be much easier to have a stunning romance with a girl by simply asking if her mother needed a son-in-law. Nowadays, ladies are much more sophisticated in tackles. You never know what's on your mind. Believe me, getting to know each other on the streets is now not so easy purely because of the abundance of various incomprehensible personalities: pick-up artists, gigolos, maniacs. If you have really serious intentions, follow these simple rules so as not to scare the girl away in the first minute: Don't get too close. Many people are unpleasant and uncomfortable if the interlocutor violates their personal space. Watch your pace so you don't get too close. Imagine that you are a fragile girl, and a hefty man rushes in front of you with incomprehensible intentions. Nicely? So she doesn't really care. Rather scary. Do not try to touch a stranger or hug her around the waist. You are a stranger after all. Forget about standard phrases. They drove in long before you were born. Try not to be too persistent. This causes irritation and the desire to leave as soon as possible. Most likely, the girl already has a boyfriend or husband (the absence of a ring is not an indicator of freedom).

2. In a cafe or restaurant. How lucky here. Such places are usually visited on dates or in established couples. So the chance to find a lonely girl in a cafe is not so great. However, I am not saying that this is impossible. I know families who met and found their love just like that. There are several rules for rolling in a restaurant: If you see a girl sitting alone, do not rush to make plans for her. It is likely that she is just waiting for someone. Pay attention to the lady's behavior. If she is constantly texting someone on the phone or calling, slow down. When you understand for sure that a woman is dining in splendid isolation, before sitting down to her at a table, compliment through the waiter. Order her a bottle of champagne or a dessert on your behalf with best wishes. I would stop at the second option. Don't get the girl drunk if you're not going to drag her unfeeling body to the taxi. And such a present can also scare off a lady. Dessert, on the other hand, looks more harmless. Communicate simply and naturally. Do not try to find out outright who the girl is working with, with whom she lives, and so on. As for myself, I also do not advise you to reveal all your cards. You don't know who you are dealing with. I do not recommend immediately walking on a grand scale, feeding a new acquaintance with overseas delicacies in six-figure amounts. Yes, and pay the check on the basis of the total. In expensive restaurants, pretty women often hang around to eat for free. If you are interested in the question of how to find your love, then this is clearly not for them.

3. In the fitness room Everything is somewhat simpler here. Couples go in for sports much less often. But there is no guarantee that exactly that pumped-up beauty with an appetizing booty is not already the happy wife and mother of three children of some typical rich. Remember, in such a place it is almost impossible to guess the age of the girl. And the more expensive the fitness club, the higher the risk of meeting a youthful grandmother who owns factories and steamers. Here's a list of rules on how to find love in a fitness club and not screw it up: Do not forget that most ladies come here to do themselves, and not to crop the stronger sex. So look specifically at the girls who are spinning around the mirror and trying to do a squat as attractively as possible. Meet as carefully as possible. Firstly, a woman may have an equally pumped-up gentleman who went out for a glass of a protein shake. Secondly, at the slightest hint of rudeness, she will most likely put you on your shoulder blades in no time. And this is still a good option, since there is a real risk of losing bells. If you notice an attractive female who, judging by her pampered figure, is just beginning to master the exercises, offer yourself as a trainer. But first, soberly assess your own figure. Do you look like Schwartz when you were young? If the answer is no, then hire yourself a coach first. Remember the charming kept women of the rich moneybags. The more expensive a fitness club is, the more they live here. To begin with, you will rake this madam from her lover, and the cherry on the cake will be the complete provision of a woman who does not know the real value of money. You are kind of going to look for love, not a kept woman?