NPR Radio On EADG!

Recently, we have been featured on multiple international media outlets regarding our project (including BBC). This morning, NPR’s Morning Edition ran a story on the current state of healthcare in Ethiopia, including our plan to build a center of excellence hospital. It was a balanced and positive reporting overall. 

Key points made were:

(1) the current state of healthcare in Ethiopia needs a lot of improvement from lack of physicians to supplies, etc.;

(2) physicians from the diaspora are building a center of excellence (state-of-the-art) hospital;

(3) the target market for the hospital are those who can afford to pay in order to enable physicians from abroad to return to staff the hospital;

(4) the plan includes for returning physicians to train local physicians and for the hospital to set aside funds to provide care for those who cannot afford it;

(5) the government of Ethiopia is highly supportive of this project (Dr. Tedros’ comments unequivocally confirms this);

(6) GE is backing this project; and

(7) challenges remain to establish a center of excellence hospital in Ethiopia (nothing surprising here; if this was easy, it would have been done long time ago).

Here is the link to the report and article:

Lets continue to focus on our common mission to establish a center of excellence, internationally accredited hospital that will be the catalyst for change in how healthcare is delivered in Ethiopia and the region.

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