Medical City Site Plan

EADG Development Strategic Master Planning and Design: “Medical City Center”

EADG’s property, the size of the site and the urban location with its surrounding infrastructure makes it an ideal location to create a Medical City Center which will attract dynamic and symbiotic development projects within our site. The strategic master plan will focus on an all-inclusive methodology for land use, building planning, and future phasing of the site to make it financially self-sustaining, healing by  design, and comprehensive amenities – all of these elements will make the EADG Hospital and property an asset and an attraction within the community and to the city, as well as for patients, medical practitioners, staff, students, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs in the health care, biotech and hi-tech industries and investors. This approach will be a model for future EADG, Ethiopian, or African hospitals to emulate.

EADG Site Plan

Our EADG Health City Center will become a regenerative model in health care, medicine, wellness and healing to deliver on its mission and overcome future challenges yet to be imagined.

The hospital facilities and its campus of Inpatient and Outpatient Care will be a Center of Excellence for Addis Ababa, throughout Ethiopia, Africa and even the nearby Middle East. EADG’s intent is to provide US-standard hospital and clinic services to a range of constituents. The standard of care will be based on Joint Commission International (JCI) Guidelines for Hospital Accreditation. The standard of environmental care will be based upon Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) Accreditation, a US-based and international metric for ensuring stewardship of the natural resources.