• Job Title : Project Manager (PM) 


1. General Description

Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and controls the overall activities of the project with the objective of achieving maximum efficiency in resource management, meeting project implementation time and client satisfaction; provides guidance and coordination of the construction and related activities; provides supervision of finance, administration, logistics and others; coordinates the activities of imports of construction inputs and medical equipment; manages the human resources and materials in the project implementation; ensures the employment, retention and training of skilled staff; represents the interests of EADG before governmental agencies and private institutions; develops and maintains communications and relationships with potentially future and current investors. 

2. Duties and Responsibilities

2.1. Organizes, directs, coordinates and controls the overall activities of EADG in Ethiopia. Maintain overall project responsibility to represent and protect the interest and vision of EADG

2.2. Project Management:

1. Design and Construction:

2. Our local architectural & engineering consultant, ZIAS, has contractual responsibility for construction administration and supervision. PM provides leadership and protects the interest and vision of EADG in project meetings involving architects, consultants, users and construction representatives in the hospital construction project.

3. Oversees the construction activities and facilitates the work progress.

4. Oversees development of project schedules and ensures communications with all areas (EADG, consultants, government, etc.) impacted by the project, as necessary.

5. Responsible to negotiate contracts with vendors, consultants and other provider of services. Required to obtain approval from EADG designated official prior to entering into any contract on behalf of EADG.

2.3. Financial Resource Management:

1. Assembles, reviews and evaluates with consultants the appropriate budget information for the hospital project development.

2. Develops project budgets specifying amounts allocated to construction, furniture or equipment. Collaborates with all consultants to assure knowledge and accountability for each portion of total project amount.

3. Provides project budget reports, including description of all variances. Page 2 of 3

4. Manages the relation with finance organizations/banks and ensures the timely availability of fund for the project;

5. Ensures the timely payment to the contractors and other service providers and that the payments are duly checked and approved by the relevant offices;

6. Directs the preparation of manuals for financial management, logistics and human resource management;

2.4. Liaison:

1. Develops collaborative relationships and serve as EADG representative with government agencies, including executive, legislative and regulatory agencies, private institutions, current and prospective investors, consultants including, but not limited to, architectural and engineering firm, and construction company, and negotiate solutions.

2.5. Reviews the adequacy of existing facilities, equipment, manpower and other resources and makes recommendations thereof;

2.6. Ensures that all pre-delivery inspections are carried out in accordance with the guidelines and procedures for all medical equipment and machines;

2.7. Develops and implements appropriate logistics strategies, policies and schemes to ensure the timely implementation of the project;

2.8. Ensures that the construction works, imported goods and services delivered to the project meet acceptable quality standards, customer requirements and expectations;

2.9. Responsible that all the goods and construction inputs imported free of customs duties are put to use only in the project and that all the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority regulation are adhered to;

2.10. Monitors that the materials and equipment at the project site are duly insured and that the storage is safe and documents are always up-to-date with appropriates computer software;

2.11. Ensures the effective and efficient utilization of all resources;

2.12. Ensures the implementation of established procedures, systems, safety rules and regulations;

2.13. Prepares and submits periodic activity reports;

2.14. Performs other related duties as required.


3. Job Requirement

3.1. Education

1. University Degree in Engineering, Architecture or equivalent will be helpful but not required, with strong background in management or business administration

3.2. Experience

• 12 years minimum experience in management, business administration and/or project management of which 6 should be in a senior position

• Some experience in construction management

• Background in business and people management related to project management

• Experience and demonstrated accomplishments dealing with governmental agencies and regulatory authorities

3.3. Knowledge, Skill and Abilities

• Good knowledge of human resource management

•  Good knowledge of finance management and logistics

• High skill in coordinating different professionals

•  Ability to communicate well

• Ability to handle contractors courteously

• Ability to coordinate and direct a variety of activities

• Ability to grasp opportunities and manage risks

• Capacity to adhere to work schedules and implementation time.

•  Negotiation skill

• Leadership skill


4. Compensation

  • To be negotiated


5. Submission

• Please send Resume and/or CV and Professional References (3) to:

o Melaku Negussie, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Ethio-American Doctors Group, Inc. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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