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NPR Radio on EADG!

Recently, we have been featured on multiple international media outlets regarding our project (including BBC). This morning, NPR’s Morning Edition ran a story on the current state of healthcare in Ethiopia, including our plan to build a center of excellence hospital. It was a balanced and positive reporting overall. 

Key points made were:

(1) the current state of healthcare in Ethiopia needs a lot of improvement from lack of physicians to supplies, etc.;

(2) physicians from the diaspora are building a center of excellence (state-of-the-art) hospital;


This is a wonderful opportunity to give back and be part of something transformational

The traditional music plays and children, some dressed in Ethiopian costume, perform a traditional dance: Raising and lowering their shoulders to the beat.

Like millions of other children in the United States, these American-Ethiopians are at summer camp.

However, this one is about maintaining their connection with their roots abroad.

The camp, which is for about 35 children, is at the Ethiopian Community Centre.

It is in a regular office block on one of the main roads out of the US capital, Washington DC.


Africa: Diaspora Dollars

When El Hadji Sall left Senegal as a young man to study electrical engineering at Howard University in Washington, DC, he planned to return home upon graduation. Thirty years later Mr Sall is still in the United States and now bridges two worlds as an African and an American. Holding dual nationality, he is a religious leader an engineer and an active figure in encouraging members of Senegal's large diaspora to invest in their homeland.


Ethiopia: Ethio-American Group Requests Additional Plot for Cancer Center

A company established by over 200 Ethiopian physicians based in the US, Europe and Canada; Ethio-American Doctors Group, has requested a 120,000 sq.m additional plot of land to erect a state-of-the-art cancer center in Addis Ababa,