Ethio-American Doctors Fund, Inc. or “EADF” is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization established under the Internal Revenue Code to bring to Ethiopia and the region world-class hospitals and related healthcare and educational facilities, including but not limited to clinics, diagnostic centers, referral offices, educational and training institutions, etc., staffed with equally specialized physicians with the capability and capacity to deal with both the severity and volume of medical needs in the country. Its objectives include:

o   Education: Provide medical education to medical doctors, such as specialized residency and fellowship programs, and to allied health workers, such as nurses, biomedical engineers, etc.

o   Training: Establish training programs for medical doctors and allied health workers.

o   Research: Conduct and participate in medical research in collaboration with other international institutions in areas that are relevant to Ethiopia and the surrounding region.

o   Raise funds for Subsidized or Free Treatment: It is important for the hospital to be financially sustainable and funds raised from individuals, foundations and other benefactors are essential to provide international standard of care to those who are not able to afford it.