About Us


To build an economically sustainable, center of excellence hospital that will deliver internationally accredited standard of care and become the catalyst for change in how health care is delivered in the region and Africa. 



We are more than 200 physicians of Ethiopian origin coming together to develop and deliver high quality medical care through education and research for the people of Ethiopia, Africa and beyond.


Excellence. Patient-Centered. World-Class Facilities. Specialized Physicians. 

EADG consists of a consortium of 250+ physicians, who, as members of this body, help to define its mission, select its leadership, and fund its core start-up and operating activities. EADG’s objectives are:

  • To build and operate a center of excellence, comprehensive, multi-specialty hospital
  • To establish an economically sustainable hospital while maintaining high ethical standards, compassion and accountability
  • To achieve a Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation to become a regional, and eventually international, hub for medical tourism
  • To transfer medical skills and experiences to medical staff and other health personnel in the region


Ethiopia’s Healthcare Landscape: 

Despite significant effort and investment being made by both public and private sector actors to improve delivery of health care in Ethiopia, the country’s 100 million inhabitants continue to face high disease morbidity and mortality. Vital health indicators issued by the government indicate overwhelming healthcare challenges in the population as measured by infant, child and MMR mortality rates. One of the crucial deficiencies contributing to the current state of healthcare delivery in Ethiopia is the absence of world-class hospitals staffed with equally specialized physicians with the capability and capacity to deal with both the severity and volume of medical needs that present daily in the country. Access to physicians is very low at 0.3 per 10k population (2006-2013), and hospitals per 10k population (2013) is 0.20. Only 10% of births are attended by skilled health personnel (2006-2013). Ethiopia’s total expenditure on health as percent of GDP is 4.1% (2011). About 80% of private expenditure on health is out-of-pocket expenditure (2011).