February 17, 2014

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By Melaku Negussie & Tesfaye Fanta

We have several exciting new developments to share with you.

1. Regional Cancer Center of Excellence: Ethio-America Doctors Group, Inc. (“EADG”) and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (“IGAD”) (http://igad.int) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) for the purpose of establishing the first Regional Cancer Center of Excellence to avail the people in the IGAD countries international level of cancer prevention, care and treatment. IGAD is an 8-country block in the East and the Horn of Africa that focuses on health, development, trade and investment, and the environment. EADG and IGAD will use all of their combined resources to establish a Regional Cancer Center of Excellence to serve the people in the region as a public-private partnership to prevent cancer and detect existing cancers earlier; to realize economic benefits from controlling and/or eradicating cancer; to educate and train future cancer caregivers to build capacity in the region;

to recruit distinguished clinicians and scientists to establish and advance the research infrastructure in the region; and to leverage their combined resources to partner with international institutions, pharmaceutical firms, and imaging and radiological equipment manufacturers in order to establish the first Regional Cancer Center of Excellence. Our member from Edmonton, Canada, Dr. Melaku Game, was highly instrumental to make this happen.

2. Board Meeting: EADG Board of Directors met in Washington DC February 1-2, 2014, to assess the accomplishments of 2013 and to plan the goals for 2014 and beyond. Highlights included reviewing the budget for 2013, passing the 2014 operational budget, evaluating and discussing the management of EADG, reviewing and meeting with architectural & engineering team and evaluating ongoing progress, and planning for the Annual Meeting in Addis in June 2014. In addition, the Board had dinner with Ambassador Girma Birru.

3. Second Round Capital Raising: We embarked on a new round of capital raising (Round #2) for certain members (including non-accredited investors) who did not participate during the first round.

4.  EADG/GEME: We are delighted to announce EADG and Global Ethiopian Medical Enterprise Pride Hospital ("GEME") have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") for the purpose of combining their efforts in their common goal to build and establish a center of excellence hospital in Ethiopia. For those of who may not know, GEME is another organization comprised of physicians of Ethiopian origin established (just like EADG) to build a center of excellence hospital in Ethiopia. This is a wonderful development as it will show the all interested parties and stakeholders that Ethiopian physicians can and will work together to pursue their common goal of establishing a world-class hospital.

5. Annual EADG Meeting: The preparation of the Annual Meeting in Addis Ababa June 26-28, 2014 is well underway. 

            A. Plane Fares: We have reached an agreement with EAL (Ethiopian Airlines) for our members to receive a 10% discount on coach and 12% on cloud class for fares to Addis for our Annual Meeting. The discounts are not as much as we had hoped but because the meeting will take place during an extremely busy season, this was the discount EAL was willing to provide.

            B. Accommodations/Hotels: We will also negotiate special hotel rates for those of you who may need hotel accommodations. We will likewise advise you on this at a later date.

            C. CME: A CME committee has been established to organize a two-day CME program that will include physicians in Ethiopia to attend. Drs. Girma Tefera and MezgebeBerhe are leading the committee, along with many members participating in organizing the CME. More information will follow in the coming weeks.


6. Architectural & Engineering ("A&E"): The schematic & Design phase of the A&E is progressing very nicely. We have retained Willy Schlein of Anthrotects (lead architect), Interface Engineering (US-based engineering firm) and ZIAS Architecture and Engineering PLLC (Ethiopia-based A&E firm) to design the hospital. In March/April, we will be in touch with many of you to get your input from the end user perspective regarding the design of the various components of the hospital.

7. Trip to Addis: I (Melaku) will be traveling to Addis from February 23-March 1 with Willy Schlein (architect) to accomplish the following, among other tasks:

            A.  Meet with Addis Ababa City Administration officials as well as officials with the Yeka Sub-City regarding the hospital design and construction in preparation for permitting, and to submit initial design documents;

            B.  Meet and interview construction companies to prepare the bidding process;

            C.  Meet and continue the discussion with GE to form a partnership; and

            D.  Finalize agreement with EAL and other vendors as necessary to prepare for the Annual Meeting in June 2014.

 We will update you on developments following my trip to Addis this coming week. In the interim, please do not hesitate to contact me or Tesfaye Fanta (President, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with any questions or comments.

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