April 8, 2014

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By: Melaku Negussie

We wanted to update you regarding recent activities as well us upcoming events:

1. GE — GE is now officially a Technology Solutions Partner with us. This brings with it several benefits to us for free, such as: (1) Medical equipment planning services); (2) peer review of architectural and engineering designs; (3) patient modeling services; (4) Hospital technology partners services (bill of quantity, etc.), and many more. In addition, we are discussing with GE regarding assistance with respect to the cancer center radiation equipment.

2. GEME — 40 members have joined us (copied here) and we are excited to be working with them to realize our common goal of establishing a center of excellence, internally accredited hospital. We are all one group now. Currently, those new members are in the process of pledging and we are making excellent progress. 

3. Annual Meeting — The preparation for the annual meeting from June 26-28, 2014 in Addis Ababa is ongoing. If you have not already made plans, please contact the Ethiopian Airlines office to make arrangements to purchase your tickets. The first 2 days of the annual meeting will be CME related, and the last day will focus exclusively on our business. Of course, there will be discussions throughout the meeting regarding the project as well. 

4. Cancer Center — Our effort regarding GE and cancer center is already mentioned above. We are in the process of speaking with various foundations to partner with us regarding the funding we will need for treatment, training and operations. As part of our MOU signed with IGAD, we will have to partner with international institutions to establish such a center because the capital cost and human resource requirement will be highly prohibitive to do it all on our own. Our member, Dr. Melaku Game has been very instrumental in helping us strategize our efforts and he will continue to do so. 

5. A&E — We have made great progress with the architectural and engineering designs. Both the US Team (Willy’s Anthrotects and Interface) and the Ethiopia Team (ZIAS) are working very well together. We hope to have an update for you regarding the design and land matters in the near term.

6.  Website — Our new website will be launched this month. We apologize for the delay but we are now working through final adjustments.

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