December 3, 2013

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By Gebreselassie Nida

Tesfaye Fanta and Girma Tefera went to Ethiopia in November to tend to personal matters. We are grateful that they were able to accomplish several important tasks for EADG:

1.     Girma &SenaitFisseha met with about 20-25 prominent local physicians and discussed EADG’s objectives, how we can collaborate going forward and, also, to make it clear that we are open for local physicians to join us. It was a highly productive meeting and the dialogue will continue with our members who are in Ethiopia leading the effort.


2.     Girma and Tesfaye met with Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros.

3.     Girma & Tesfaye met with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). 

4.     Girma & Tesfaye met with the Director of Ethiopian Investment Agency and discussed duty free importation of goods and tax holidays.

5.     Tesfaye met with the Mayor of Addis Ababa, Mr .KumaDiriba.

6.     Tesfaye met with the Federal Minister of Health (FMOH), Dr. Keseteberhan, and briefed him on our progress.

7.     Girma and Tesfaye held several meetings with local engineers, businessmen and other experts and discussed the hospital project. There is high level of interest in the country in all sectors. 

8.  Tesfaye met with EADG’s members in Ethiopia and formed a committee so the committee will advise us about local conditions, provide us with pertinent information for the project, and become EADG’s our advocate with local stakeholders.

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